Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Student drop off begins at 7:05 am and students must be in their classroom seat by 7:40 am. Students arriving after 7:40 am are considered tardy and the parent/guardian will need to accompany the student to the front office & sign in.
Student dismissal begins at 2:10 pm and all students should be picked up by 2:40 pm. Students picked up after 2:40pm will need to signed out from the front office by their parent/guardian.
According to our parent contract students will arrive and be picked up on time and failure to comply could result in removal from NCTS.
View the student agenda beginning on page 4 for more detailed Arrival & Dismissal Procedures.

Early Release Day Procedures

Dismissal will begin at 11:15am. There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (ASAP) on Early Release Days, please make sure your student & their teacher are aware of the correct transportation method for that day (make a note in their agenda/email teacher & front office). Please make sure Car Rider Tags are visible during car rider and bus rider dismissals. If using carpool or bus please review procedures detailed below.
Transportation changes MUST be in writing & need to be submitted to the front office & the student’s teacher.

Parking Information

Parking is available in the lower parking lot accessible from Mill St. We also have visitor parking at the front of the school beginning at 8am after morning drop off, but all vehicles must be moved by 1:30pm to allow for afternoon dismissal.
Please refrain from parking at the Board of Education during business hours, if you are found parking at the BOE lot your car may be towed at the owner's expense.


During Drop off and Pick up you will enter Williams St. from Mill St. via Floyd St. or Hwy. 278. The lines will split with students in grades K-2nd & their older siblings to the left to be picked up from the front of the school (2 lines will be created at this point) and grades 3rd-8th to the right to be picked up from the back of the gym. The K-2nd line will exit through Williams St. and 3rd-8th will exit through the BOE parking lot onto Newton Dr. Please have your car tag visible during pick up.

Bus Transportation

There are 4 bus drop off and pick up points within Newton County. Below are the times for each location. In order to ensure a safe and orderly process, please arrive on time and have your student ready to load the bus. In the event you are running late, please go ahead and take your student to the school. It is very important that the buses remain on schedule. If your leave time for example is, 6:45 am please arrive by 6:42, so that you have enough time to pull around to the bus. If you arrive at your designated location and the doors are closed on the bus they are ready to roll. Please do NOT let your student out to catch the bus, this is very dangerous. Please just go ahead and take your student to school.
During pick up please make sure your car tag is visible.
Volunteers are always needed to assist with students exiting vehicles during drop off and entering vehicles during pick-up. Each bus driver will have a volunteer sign in sheet.
Please contact John O'Brien if you have any questions (770) 788-5373.

Location                                                                Start Loading                                                 Leave Time
Denny Dobbs                                                            6:30 am                                                         6:45 am
Live Oak                                                                      6:35 am                                                          6:50 am
Oxford Baptist Church                                             6:40 am                                                         6:55 am
Old Wal-Mart (Hwy. 278)                                        6:40 am                                                         7:00 am
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